Wednesday, January 21, 2009


When I had Ethan, many people told me that as soon as he gained enough weight, he would easily sleep through the night. HA! Once again, our son has proven that he has his own set of rules and we are here to cater to his demands. I was reading today about babies and sleeping and most of the articles said that by 4 months, your baby should be sleeping through the night. And if you haven't already started "training" them to do so, you are severly screwed. I am terrified and now think that my son will never learn how to sleep and it is all my fault for not starting earlier.

Here is the situation. By 7pm, he is tired and wants nothing to do with playing or hanging out with Mommy or Daddy. He definately established that he is a morning person when he woke up at 6am giggling (that is just wrong!). We basically pick him up from daycare, feed him, make a few faces at him and then put him to bed. I tried to keep him up until 8pm (some article deemed this the appropriate hour for bedtime) and he basically screamed from 7 to 8. At this point 2 weeks ago, he would have slept until 1-2am and I would put his paci back in and he would go back to sleep. Then he would wake up at 5am and eat. Now... he wakes up screaming at 10, 1, 4 and then gets up at 7am for the day. Not just fussy at 1am but full on screaming at the top of his lungs. It is not nice to wake up that way. I tried his paci, and he refused. I tried to pat him and tell him to go back to sleep (like to books say) and it does not work. The only thing that works is feeding him. So now, we are back to square one. I have regressed and the books basically say it is all my fault. I am now doomed until he is 18 to never sleep again.

I have a co-worker who had her daughter at the same time. She said she has never even heard her cry. WTF???? I think, what if my son was like that. Then I think that he probably wouldn't smile as big, or laugh as loud or snuggle as much. :)

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blndangel_ntx said...

My Darling Young Parents,

As I have experenced in my life I have found that " ALL BABIES ARE " going to do as they seem fit.

When,where,how and for their own reasons...
Such as: Hungry,wet,cold,dreams(yes dreams-things new to him LIKE:a loud noise that day,bright lights,feelings/unsure of whatever,startled,scared,etc)

And they find comfort in You picking them up and Nursing is certainly a comfort for them... You're his Security Blanket.

So please don't compare your Beautiful Son to any other child.

They are ALL "God's Little Angels",and all will work out just fine.

And when You Say:
"I think, what if my son was like that. Then I think that he probably Wouldn't Smile As Big, or Laugh As Loud or Snuggle As Much. :)
You are so correct. BECAUSE, those Extra Times you spend with him,Those Are Times HE needs "YOU" !!!

Take advantage of ALL the Time you can spend with him, because before long,Time Will Go By and He'll Be Grown...

Think of the others that sleep all night...

There would be... No extra times for you to see his tiny little eyes looking up to Your Loving
Face. And as you watch his little tears roll down his cheeks,and he looks up at you,you see his quivering lips and chin stop and you're blessed with a big grin that crosses his face.

Then the milk runs from the corners of his mouth and you Forget All About the time of night or day it is. And Then,You Thank God for this little bundle you've been Blessed with.

And your heart Sinks,to think of your life without him... And,Your Eyes Begin to Tear...

ALWAYS REMEMBER: HE'S ONLY A BABY...And Your Emotions (body language)He will pick up on,always.

So,enjoy every moment you can with your son... No matter what time it may be, ... Because they are precious...

Journals,I find are a wonderful way of letting your feelings go...And sometimes you can sort things out that you are confused, concerned, or unsure about. It's your way of


So, May God Bless You,Your Husband and Your Beautiful Son

All My Love
A Mom