Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Camp

Syneca is off to camp today. I just dropped him off for summer camp and he will be gone for 20 days. I know I should be sad but I am thrilled to have a quite house once again, even if it is only for 20 days. This pregnancy has left me little patience with him, actually as I told Kevin today, I have negative patience. I start out the day out of patience with him. I try but it just isn't there. So, he too, is also happy to be going off to camp. I have determined that starting at 10 is a hard thing to do with a kid for one main reason. The first 10 years are for bonding over all the cute things they do and training them on the things that annoy you, then you get the next 10 where they want to be thier own person and refuse to listen to anything you have to say but you can go back to those 10 years of cuteness and reflect on how they grow up so fast. You can teach them to brush thier teeth don't look fuzzy after a week at Grandma's. You can teach them that, just getting wet doesn't equal a shower and that smell coming from thier room is not how "all boys smell". You can spend those 10 years teaching them how to play outside with friends, and that poop is never something that should be played with.

I love my nephew, I really do. But some days, I wonder if all 11 year olds feel that they are a genious trapped in a kids body. I wonder why the 11 year old that I have is obsessed with never being wrong and refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions. Everything is "someone" else's fault and he had absolutly nothing to do with it. These are the things that drive me nuts. I feel myself falling into arguments with an 11 year old and trying to apply logic when there isn't any. It doesn't help that we are both stubborn but doesn't it count that I am the adult??? Some days, I think not.

It will be a miracle if I survive long enough to send him away to college. But at least for now, I can send him away to camp. It is a small price to pay (ok, not so small) for our sanity. I am tired of yelling at him and Kevin is tired of listening to us argue.

Is it bad that I am thinking about searching the internet for winter camp? Ok, maybe just spring camp? I am going to enjoy my 20 days, of those I will probably start missing him tomorrow. But for today we can enjoy the peace and quite, at least until Chloe starts barking :)