Friday, December 5, 2008

Ethan's Smiling!...... And it's not gas!!

It figures as I go back to work, the little one starts to do more than stare at the wall. He hasn't quite figured out how to laugh yet but he is close. He is much cuter smiling than screaming.


While at work on Tuesday, I decided that since everyone we invited for Thanksgiving couldn't come, there was no need to stay at home. We had the turkey and the bread for stuffing but that could all wait. So I went to Kevin's office and asked him if he wanted to do something spontaneous. Of course he said yes (the reason I married him) and we left to pack for our short (23 hour) road trip to New York. We were on the road by 8pm with Ethan wondering what the heck was going on. It worked out well, we definately surprised everyone! Kevin was sure to let me know that I wasn't allowed to do this every year. We'll see ;)

Pa & Ethan

Daddy catching up on his sleep. Crazy guy drove straight through and only stopped for 2 hours.

Aunt Ellie & Ethan, how cute is that?
Aunt Lulu & Ethan

Crazy cousin Lizzie & Ethan, he's passed out from too much turkey.
There's Gramma spoiling the baby!
Cousin Morgan & Ethan

Cousins Morgan & Aaron with Sissy & Ethan

Cousin Aaron & Ethan

Gramma, Alicia & Ethan

Gramma put Ethan to sleep again!
Time to go home!

Ethan Meets His Big Sister!

Big sister will make it all better!

Sissy didn't think that little brother needed naps.

He's almost as big as she is.