Thursday, November 20, 2008

Professional Pictures

Ethan had some pictures taken. I actually got scammed by a "free sitting" which turned out to be not even close to free. However, the pictures came out really well so I can't complain too much. He is pretty darn cute if I don't say so myself.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gifts from Alicia

Ethan got some gifts from his big sister. As you can see, he really enjoyed them. Finally a smile, or gas, either way I got a picture of it.

Update: A friend of Kevin's said that colic last to 3 month or 13 lbs. This is a lie. A mean a cruel lie that gave us hope and optimism. Yesterday Ethan was 13.2 lbs and still going strong with the colic. While everyone and thier mother has advice on how to get rid of it, none of it works. Well, I havn't tried rubbing his belly with olive oil, but seriously, I am sure that won't work either. Mommy and Daddy and still surviving the nightly tortures. I read that for most babies, colic is at least 3 nights a week. We must have won the lotto and got the extra special kind that comes every night. Lucky us. He definately shares the same lung capacity of his big sister. All I can hope for is that it ends at 3 months and not at the END of his 3rd month. It would be the best Christmas present ever.
On a good note, he met the babysitter last night and she was not scared away by his tremendous lung capacity and ability to shatter glass. Hopefully we can get at least one Christmas party in away from home.

Grandpa Jenkins Come to Town

The boys

Grandpa and Ethan

He's a little young to be stealing Grandpa's beer. Not sure if he gets it from his Mommy or Daddy, maybe both.