Friday, June 1, 2007


Day 1 - Does Kevin look like he just got off a 9 hour plane ride? This is the first of many trips on the train. On our way to drink some beer.... mmmm.... beer :) I do not recommend the white brauts in a lake. Gross!

Day 2 - Going to the castle. As much as I love my friend Matt, he does not have the best navigation skills. Since the BMW navigation system told us we were in a lake, I didn't trust that much either. Oh well, it may have taken hours to get there but we did find the Neuschwanstein Castle.
However, first things first. The wait for the castle tour was a couple hours away.... so when in Germany, you drink beer. I think it was 11am or so. I am not sure if Kevin is so happy because we are looking at the castle or because the beer in Germany is that much better.

Can you see that castle, way up there on the mountain. Yeah, the one that looks like it is a days hike from where I am standing? Yes, we hiked that. Even with the buses that were shuttling people up the mountain. Even with the horse drawn carriages that would take you up for $5. The good news is that I am still alive. I will say, thank goodness I had quick smoking the month before or I don't think I would have survived!

We made it! Can you see the bridge dangeling betweent he clifs over the gulley in the picture below? Well that is the only place you can take the picture above. Did I mention my fear of heights? The things I do for Kevin ;)

I will admit, tt was beautiful up there.

Moving on, to the beer. Our visit to one of the oldest breweries in Munich - the Hoffbrauhaus. Mein beir was ser gut! Pictured here - Ein
Hofbräu Dunkel und ein Münchner Weisse :)

Off to Austria. We took the train (okay multiple trains) to Wein (you westerners call is Vienna). The funny thing is that Europeans pack very light for a reason. I learned this very valuble lesson. Do not take your closet, it is very heavy when there are lots of stairs!
What I remember about Wien... lots of old buildings. I don't think we are as cultured as everyone else. Not much into the Symphony or Museums.
My favorite part about Europe wasn't Motzart's home but Coke Light. I love the stuff. I couldn't get enough. I am thinking about petitioning Coca Cola to bring this stuff to the US. It is diet coke but without the nasty after taste. I think that if they did bring this to the US, no one would drink regular coke anymore. Yes, it is that good! I would probably end up drinking more Coke Light than Kevin drinks Diet Coke.