Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ethan and Sunglasses

It has been a long time since my last posting and so much has gone on in the past month. First, I got laid off from Texas Instruments. Thankfully, Kevin still has a job there. In the beginning I was upset then I was happy, then scared. Now I know it was all for the better. Yesterday I accepted a job offer as a Project Manager for a graphics design firm called John Perez Graphics & Design. It seems to be a promising company and they plan is for them to train me to help run the company. It is very exciting and I am looking forward to the challenges ahead. However, I have one year without vacation time so that will be really hard, especially with it being Ethan's first summer. Kevin and I discussed this and think that one year of sacrifice will be worth it. I start tomorrow and have really enjoyed my time off. Hopefully, I will be posting more once I get a laptop and can hook my camera back up to the computer.

Yesterday Ethan started in a new daycare and it is a wonderful place for him. They are warm and loving and spend a lot of time interacting with him. It is not like the last place where they put him in an exersaucer, then a jumper, then a swing and repeat for the whole day. He seemed to really like it and was happy when I picked him up yesterday. He has turned into such a sweet baby. He has the biggest smile and can light up a room. He loves to smile at anyone who will look at him and gets lot of attention. It is hard to believe he is the same baby we brought home from the hospital.

Ethan is also sleeping through the night! We went to the doctor and he said to just unswaddle him and take away the paci and let him cry in his crib until he falls asleep. We did and it was NOT easy. He screamed for about 45 minutes and off and on throughout the night. Now, he goes to bed and cries for about a minute and falls asleep. It is wonderful. He sleeps from 7pm to 6am. I am a happy and rested Mommy!

Ethan does not like the sunlight so I got him a pair of sunglasses because I thought it would be fun to torture him with them. Boy was I surprised when he happily wore them. He actually cries if he doesn't have them on and the sun gets in his face. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Rice Cereal

We have started Ethan on cereal and so far he hasn't figured out how to swallow it. He keeps trying to suck on the spoon. Most of it goes every where and the food I put in his mouth just drips out but we are trying.