Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

As most ofyou know, we are insane and drove to NY again. This time it was so much more fun as there was a ginormus storm chasing us. We made it there in 23 hours and 3 minutes. Once there, it was nice to be back and Ethan was happy to be spoiled again. He was the only one who got any rest in those 23 hours. I will say that I impressed with Kevin's ability to drive on ice. I don't think I would have made it without a trip in the ditch. Well, here is our Christmas vacation.

It wouldn't be Christmas if Gramma wasn't making Kuchen for everyone. Ethan was able to help this year.

Mmmm, yummy!

Daddy wanted to spend some "quality time" with his boy. Meanwhile, I was making tiaras and purses. Thanks Daddy!

Awww, that is so cute!

While in NY, Ethan turned 3 months. He is getting so old!

Pa and Alicia sledding in the yard. (Yes, this is where Kevin grew up :) It was way too cold outside for me. I was inside watching from the window.

I just love little baby shoes!

Gramma & Pa
Daddy and his little girl!

Merry Christmas! Look, Alicia got something from America Girl! That pretty much summed up her Christmas presents.

Ethan's first Christmas. Can't wait til next year when he can tear through them himself!
As his Sissy would say, What the??

Love it! This will have to be framed and put up in his room. Maybe one day, we can look back when he is playing baseball and see his first jersey.
It took a while but the kids eventually figured out my prank on them. It took a while to glue money to the inside of magazine pictures but it was worth it. Watch out next year kids, I have nothing but time!

Gramma & Pa with all the grand kids.
I think this was a result of being cut off from civilization. Kevin without his crackberry...

Daddy with the kids. Love the matching outfits.
I'm not sure which one of these is cuter. They both crack me up!

Ethan's Christmas present from Santa.

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