Friday, June 25, 2010

Ethan - 21 Months Old

I feel like there is so much of Ethan that I am not calaloging. There are so many cute things he does (not says) and I want to share them. So I am going to try and keep up to date on Ethan.

At 21 months he is still not talking. More of an attitude issue than anything else. He doesn't feel the need to talk. He grunts and points and I pretty much figure it out. He does have moments where he will say a work, very clearly but he doesn't repeat them. If you ask him to say something he will either 1) ignore you, or 2) mouth something. He doesn't like to play the trained monkey game and doesn't do any tricks for company.

Ethan is really into the movie Cars right now. He will wake up in the morning, run out to the couch, climb up point to the tv and say "vroom, vroom". It is very cute. He could watch that movie over and over again. I also bought Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. but being that he comes from a long line of "car guys" he doesn't want to watch them.

He also has the complete set of "Cars" from the movie and loves to just run them up and down the ottoman and put them in and out of the trailer. I was reading that "Cars 2" will be coming out next year, which will be good so that I will have good segway to decorate his upstairs rooms and move him out of the office then.

On a recent visit to the World Aquarium we got him a stuffed clown fish, whom I named Edison. I love that name and since I won't be having any more kids, I felt the need to use it. He doesn't hold Edison or play with him during the day but at night, he lays Edison on his pillow and I cover them both up with the blanket and he looks and him and goes to sleep. I am sure that this doesn't sound like much but until we got Edison, Ethan would scream every night until he fell asleep. I feel bad now, because he was just lonely. It is oh so cute and will have to get a picture posted of Edision soon.

Ethan's other passions include tractors, preferable John Deer, and animals. He loves them. Mommy now knows all the farm equipment required to run a farm smoothly.

Ethan is very organized and likes to put away his toys. He knows that we pick up the toys and put them in the correct bin before we read books. He doesn't not like his hands to get dirty and if there is a spill, it needs to be cleaned right away. He is very concerned about other kids and whether they are happy or sad. He is very outgoing and loves to play tag with the big kids.

And most of all, he loves his Monkey, Syneca. Those two boys love each other to death and it makes me so happy. They play and laugh and play some more. Syneca takes very good care of him and they have lots of fun together.

In about 3 weeks Alicia will be here and we will be taking some more family photos outside this time. Will post them soon!!

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