Monday, March 8, 2010

We're moving again

I am so surprised at how quickly time flies when you have a child. I can't believe my last post was September 2009! So much has happened since then. I didn't even blog Ethan's first birthday! Eeek! Of his first steps! Eeek! Such a bad Mom. For the record though he had a great party and did start walking at 14 months. At 17 months, he is still not talking but definatly knows what you are saying to him. He has the head shake - No! down really well.

Since my last blog, I was laid off again and recently changed careers into Finance. While I am still getting used to it, the pace is much slower than expected. I don't think I will ever be happy! Ha!

Kevin and I found our dream home and we recently put our house on the market. We are building a new house which won't be ready until May (Kevin says June, the builder says April). We have a frame and a roof but no walls yet. I am so excitied as to how wonderful it will be. All the kids will have thier own rooms. Kevin and I's room will be far away from those rooms! All will be well. I hope some day I will get the pictures off the camera and onto the internet.

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